Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Visiting Old Friends

This afternoon my husband and I went to visit an old friend and see her new baby. Well, not new anymore, she is 7 months old now. She was such a cute baby, I am happy for her that her first daughter is so healthy. It was also an o.k. time of visiting. You see, my friend is Katie's aunt, the little girl my husband and I took care of for five months last year. you can see the previous post here entitled "Remembering Last Winter".
We talked some about Katie and how she might be doing in Alabama, which is always a sad topic. You see, we have no contact with her now and do not know for sure if her mother will take care of her properly or not. My friend told me that she will not talk to her sister anymore, because of how she treated us, coming to get Katie with no notice. This really troubles me and breaks my heart. I feel like I have helped break up a family by helping a little girl. How can this be?
My friend is still mad at her sister for what she did to us. I wish it was not this way. I decided awhile ago to forgive Katie's mom. God is helping my feelings follow. I wish I could explain to my friend how my husband and I have forgiven Katie's mom, and ask her and her family not to hold a grudge for us.
I guess I could say it here. If any of Katie's family reads this. Mark and I have forgiven Katie's mom. Please, do not continue to ostracize of her on our behalf. We don't want to break up your family. Also, it does not help Katie's safety to cut off all contact. Please do not hold a grudge because of us. I do not know what else to say here.