Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

For this "Works for Me Wednesday" I thought I would share a trick that my sister-in-law taught me. This is a way to store plastic grocery bags. By folding them up, like the picture at left, you can fit a lot more in those grocery bag holders that everyone seems to have now. Also, I have found out it is easier just to pull out the number of bags you need to use, rather than pulling out a whole wad of crumpled up bags.
Directions for folding bags:

1. Lay your bag out on a flat surface.
2. Fold the back lengthwise down the middle.
3. Fold as in step 2, once more.
4. Starting at the bottom of the bag, fold the bag in triangles. The first triangle is made by folding one of the bottom corners upward so the bottom edge of the bag is aligned with the opisite edge of the bag.
5. Continue folding the bag into a triangle till all you have left sticking out is the bag handles.
6. Look for a folded edge of this triangle, that has pocket in it, made by the layer of the bag. Wrap the remaining bag handles around the triangle, and tuck the ends in this pocket.

Now you are finished and have a nicely folded bag ready for storage. After folding a few bags, and you get used to the steps, folding the bags goes pretty fast, and I think folding them when i first get them, saves me time untangling them later! :-D

What ways do you store plastic grocery bags? How do you use the bags you've collected? I'd love to here from you!

Oh, I forgot to mention, if you would like more tips, visit Rocks in My Dryer for more great works for me Wednesday tips. :-)


  1. That's neat! I need to try that.

  2. My sister does that! :)

    It's always seemed like too much trouble for me so i just throw them all into a big canvas bag - I actually don't collect much since I use the fabric reuseable bags for my grocery shopping

  3. I usually would stuff my plastic bags in the same drawer as my trash bags, ziplock bags etc.

    Then I got the idea to use the empty box from the trash bags to store the plastic bags. I just shove as many in as I can (hmmm I guess I could get more in using your trick!) and they are kept all in one place...and easy to store.

  4. That isn't storing bags....that is a work of art! :-)

    How do you have time to fold grocery bags like that? I just have a paper bag in my pantry and store them all in there. Looks messy, but it is so easy!

  5. I'm impressed, but we always just grab our grocery bags again the next day to use for packed lunches so this may be overkill :) But it's a great tip! Thanks!

  6. What a great idea! This would be a really tidy way to keep extra plastic bags in the car too. I'll have to try it!

  7. Wow...it's like folding a mini American flag! Love it. (And yes, you can link to my post...I'd be honored!)

  8. must try this!


  9. I like this idea. Thank you for the helpful photos.

  10. this reminds me of when I was in junior high school, my friends and I would write notes to each other and fold them just like that! I never thougth to do that with my plastic bags.

    I recycle most of them now that most grocery stores around here have a recycle bin for the bags. The rest are used for either garbage bags or poop-scooping when we walk our pup!

  11. I fold my bags, but they come out in a plain rectangle and they aren't locked together in any way (there aren't any ends tucked in to hole the packet together). It does make it easier to reuse them--they come out in much better shape. I stack mine on a little shelf in a cabinet that is devoted to bags, so I will probably continue to do it the way I do it, although your way looks intriguing. Do you take flack for folding your bags? My kids friends say, "Awesome! I've never seen anyone FOLD their bags before! Can I try?"

  12. Thanks for all your comments. I did get a little teasing by my husband when I started folding the bags. But he seems to be okay with it now. -Dawn


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