Saturday, February 9, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

I must admit, I did not do the best at saving this week, but it is also my first try! I had a plan all set up at CVS to spend around $10 and receive around 14 ECB's back. But when I got to the store, half the items I wanted to buy were already out of stock! Ugh! I did remember, however, to get a rain check! ;-)

Okay, so here were my savings: CVS:
2 Colgate Toothpaste + 2 Colgate toothbrushes =
$10 before coupons/ECBS
$5.40 :after coupons/ECBS!
I also earned $5 in ECBS, so after all that I basically paid $.40 for my things.
Not too bad, even though my deal didn't work the way I wanted.

I did not do as well at the grocery store, though I am just starting my coupon collection.
However, I did learn some things this week that will help in the future. Here is the list:

1. At my grocery store, if you catch an item priced incorrectly, they give you the item for free! Yeah!
2. My CVS often has their flyers in store a week or more in advance, I just have to ask the cashier to get a copy. That will make planning ahead easier! :)
3. My CVS changes the cash registers over to the new weeks sales on Saturday, around 11am instead of waiting until Sunday. Maybe I can avoid rain checks! :-)

I am learning a lot about coupons already, especially from the Money Saving Mom. To see who else saved, visit her website! :)

What did you save this week?


  1. I run into that problem a lot at my CVS. I try to have two or three different deal ideas in my mind before I go in because they will almost always be out of something I need!

  2. I have the same problem with Walgreens always being out of things. I haven't asked about rain checks, they have never offered any just told me to come back later.
    We don't have a CVS. I wish we did as the deals sound great. I have a sister and friends in the Twin Cities that live near CVS but never shop there. I have been trying to tell them about the great savings to be had.

  3. All- Thank you so much for your comments. I use Walgreens too. ;-)


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